With Grandway’s more than 10 years of OTDR research,development and practical experience, we have our own OTDR product series, including the flagship model FHO5000 series, covering a variety of dynamic range and wavelength combinations(850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550nm/1625nm/1650nm), the dynamic range is up to 45dB, and supporting up to 1×64 optical splitter pass through test; and the FHO3000 mini series with high cost performance and small handheld structure can meet the requirements of about 100km fiber network test. There is also a handheld smart otdr FHO1000 specially designed for the last kilometer of FTTH(fiber to the home), which provides a professional optical fiber testing tool for the last kilometer of optical fiber. The ultra short blind area is only 0.8 meters. It can accurately distinguish various continuous events in the last kilometer, and provide an effective diagnostic method for weak light remediation. In addition, there are OTDR board modules GW4000 suitable for cabinet installation, which can be used for optical fiber monitoring in the computer room.
Grandway’s OTDRs are designed to meet different network operators’ latest requirements. Combining intelligence and accuracy with user-friendliness, Grandway’s OTDR require minimal training and provide the accurate test results. It is not only suitable for experienced operators, but also suitable for beginners of optical network testing.

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