Fusion Splicer

Grandway has been Fujikura’s exclusive agent in China for more than 20 years.
In the process of acting the world’s top fusion splicers, Grandway has accumulated experience in research and development of spicing machines, and has developed its own fusion splicer brands GS40 and GS60 series based on the performance advantages of Fujikura splicing machines. The GS40 cladding to cladding 4 motors is aimed at the fusion splicing of Indoor optical fibers, and the GS60 fiber core to core 6 motors fusion splicer is aimed at the backbone optical cable. No matter GS40 or GS60, it will provide extremely low loss and ultra-high stability for the fusion results.
In addition to the splicing machine, Grandway fusion splicer supplier also provides high-precision optical fiber cleaver GW850 and GW750.(GW750 is also suitable for cut ribbon fiber). The high hardness blade and the overall structure design of falling resistance improve the service life of the ccleaver. The smooth and neat fiber endface can keep the fusion loss stable and make your fusion operation more convenient.

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